Fundamentals of Offering Focus


Offering Focus is knowing what matters now for the best possible offering. Knowing what matters means that you see, share and do what it takes to get the best possible outcome.

Basics of Focus:

Knowing what matters now is based on two key things. First of all, you need to clearly understand the current situation. Next, you need to choose actions that matter right now.

The logic of focus is a binary choice. You prioritize what matters and ignore what doesn’t.

Offering Logic:

The offering is the atomic unit of value creation. Nothing matters more than having the best possible offering. The best possible offering means you create value and succeed.

An offering is a specific solution that you sell in a specific market.

A solution is a specific product, service or combination of both.

A market is a specific customer and the relevant competition.

A customer is a population with similar preferences that are in a region.

Competition is the set of alternatives that a customer can choose from.

Elements of Offering Focus:

Offering Focus has two main elements. First of all, you need to get context. After you get context, then you need to get priority. This is the way that you get the focus that you need right now.

Context means that you clearly understand the current situation.

There are two kinds of context. First you need to get clarity. Then you can get alignment.

Clarity means that you clearly understand your whole offering.

Alignment means that you understand how the parts of your offering fit together.

Priority means that you choose actions to create your best possible offering right now.

What matters now is determined by the changing context of your offering.

Change leads to key three problems. Change creates confusion, contradiction and ambiguity.

When you have confusion it means that you don’t understand your offering.

When you eliminate confusion, you create clarity.

Contradiction means the parts of your offering don’t fit together.

When you eliminate contradiction, you create alignment.

Ambiguity means that you don’t know what to do for the best possible offering right now.

When you eliminate the ambiguity, you create priority.


Offering Focus requires two things. First, you need to understand the current situation. Second, you must choose actions that matter. This is the basis of knowing what matters.